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Effect Of Taxes On Your Retirement Withdrawal Rate & How Your Retirement Withdrawal Rate Gets Affected By 'Rate of Returns'
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Post-retirement withdrawal limit is a big concern and how much to withdraw is a big question when you are living on the expenses of past investments. Many studies and research have been done in the past to evaluate the 'Safe Withdrawal Rate'- which is the safe limit you can withdraw from your account without exhausting the money at the fast rate.

Traditionally people use to follow and restrict themselves to withdraw up to 4% only, which is also called 4% rule which let you withdraw about four percent of your principal amount annually.

Using the rule mentioned above, you can quickly remove about $600 every year if you have had invested approximately $15,000 apparently some part of the money will go into the taxes.

One point I would like to discuss here if you are following only this traditional way of withdrawal then you are missing out many things. It is always better to know the safe withdrawal rate, but you should also consider the tax involved in the income and just follow the traditional way blindly can lead you to many financial advantages.


Effect Of Taxes On Your Retirement Withdrawal Rate

If you wish to evaluate your withdrawal rate in retirement, then you need to think as per your investment timeline and you should able to understand when to stop your income source and when to continue it.

One of the main factors you should not miss out is that you should know exactly how much of the withdrawal amount will be included in tax as during the timeline of your retirement income.

Let's understand this by the example if you take the traditional approach then you need to wait to withdraw from your IRA account till it reaches the age of seventy and half years and then you can plan out your mandatory minimum distributions.

But sometimes traditional approach leads us to make serious mistakes, as most of the times it has been observed that some couples have got excellent opportunity to increase their income after paying the taxes by having early IRA distributions, and by delaying the start date of their Social Security benefits.

And once they start taking the advantages of Social Security then can quickly lower the withdrawal rate from their retirement account which will be very beneficial in coming years and can earn more returns.

As per the example is shown above you can withdraw more in some years in the timeline and in this way they will also be able to save the right amount of tax for the income in subsequent years.

You should always make out a professional and thoughtful retirement income plan so that you can evaluate how much you can withdraw in your retirement years.

If you wish you can also take advice from retirement planner or tax expert, who will help you out with knowing the effect of the tax on your income which is coming from a retirement account.


How Your Retirement Withdrawal Rate Gets Affected By 'Rate of Returns'

You should also educate yourself about the historical rates of returns, and this will give you the insight of how the rate of return can influence your rate of withdrawal in your retirement.

There is always a possibility that for many continuous years you can enjoy a reasonable rate of returns, and sometimes your returns get affected by market fluctuation which leads to a low percentage of profits and sometimes your stocks can generate you the performances in a single digit.

So, to manage the years with the low rate of returns you should make your retirement plan in such a way that it can get matched up with the time when there is a low rate of return and market is severely affected by the inflation.

Let's understand it with the example - if you have planned to enjoy the returns early from your IRA account, then you need the amounts that will be required in next consecutive years you would have to make safe investments.

If you have made a retirement plan in such a way that you can delay the withdrawal from your IRA till seventy and half years as we do traditionally, then your invested amount have the longer time to generate income for you can be more enthusiastic while spending the amount.

This strategy of matching your income when it is needed more is called 'Time Segmentation,' and to learn more about it you can refer our articles on 'Time segmentation' you can even watch the movie 'Income for Life' based on the time segmentation technique of retirement plan.


Affect of More Withdrawal Rate Than Required on Your Account

If you have spent the time to set your withdrawal plan, then you should also monitor whether your withdrawals are as per the policy which you have designed, and you also need to update your project as per the situations in following years.

But when you increase your withdrawal rate and take out more money it will surely go to cause you the financial problems in coming years.

Many people are out there if the investments are doing well regarding returns they use to withdraw more than what is called safe withdrawal limit.

When they apply to enjoy these additional profits too early they are only landing themselves in big trouble for the coming year and just jeopardizing their future income.

When these people have already withdrawn more than needed in the years & When the rate of returns where right it does not mean that it will be the same for the coming years or forever.

These additional withdrawals should be appropriately invested for the years when investments are not doing well regarding returns.

And when people failed to do so, then at the times when the market is not doing very well your investment account will be miserably depleted. So instead of enjoying extra money, it is always advisable to invest them in safe returns for the time when the market is at its low.

It always necessary to monitor your retirement withdrawal and once you made the professional plan, you should forever stick to it until and unless anything significant happens.

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