Protect Your Account From Online Fraud

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With the rise of online transaction, most of you must have heard about the online frauds. These online fraudsters have got many new tricks and techniques, and with the advancement of technology, they also use to devise new ways to do such frauds. You should need to protect your account from online fraud.

In this article, we will see the tips on how to save your account from these frauds and protect your account from falling prey to these tricksters.


Lurking In Your Email Is The Easy Way For Criminals

Most of the times it is very easy for the overseas hackers and fraudsters by breaking into your accounts and lurking. And usually, personal email accounts are at higher risks because of this as they don't have encrypted security like business email accounts.

It is every possibility out there is that your email will be hacked and you won't even know it, they will sometimes observe you for several months and in many cases for the years.

The main reason for this observation and following your account over the years is to get the particular information they want to gather and once they get the desired personal information they will start step into the next process of fraud.

They also come through to get all your conversation with your financial advisor or banker, and they will start to impersonate you and also email your contacts, and it will make you feel sound real. Below you will see one of that fraudulent email that can be sent to your financial advisors and bankers and it will sound exactly as you are sending them the email:

"Hello XYZ, as you know I am out of the station as I am traveling with my kid to get his admission to a city school. I will need little funds as I was traveling and was having a very busy schedule I won't be able to call you or take your call. But I would need money urgently which you can transfer to me in my account. Please make me the transfer of $XXXX in my account as soon as possible."  

And whoever will be the concerned person who receives this email will not find anything tricky or fraudulent as he knows the same person since years and there is no reason to doubt on this email.


Tricksters And Fraudulent Also Bypass The Signature Requirement

You must remember that many of times when you mail someone who is having your signature, date of birth, social security number or other personal data. Someone who is has been hacked your email account and following you since so many days can easily have these data and can easily match up with you.

And suppose if you have emailed someone and needed your signature the tricksters can easily use it over a period and can re-generate your signature. It may be also possible that you have emailed someone your password, it may be your close relatives, and that also can be used by these tricksters later.


Fraudsters Can Impersonate Your Service Providers Too

There are many tricks to give results to online fraud but now a day's tricksters will wait for your latest financial transactions it can be the purchase of any property, and then pretend like the real property agents or title company and will send you the fake email to do the wire which will be fake. And this way you fall into their trap and wire them with funds.

There is always a possibility that this may happen when you buy anything online or from a new vendor. As tricksters are already following you for many weeks, and offer you the luring deal and ask you to transfer the funds right away. They can also impersonate to be your friends and family members and behave like they need financial help and request the fund's transfer right away.


How To Protect Yourself In This Scenario   

Just you have to use your common sense and verify the things online is the best policy to opt for, rather than falling prey of the tricksters. Below are few things which you can follow to protect your online account:

Keep Changing Passwords: This is the best thing who you can do and keep changing passwords often and don't use to have same passwords for all email accounts, this is a very simple task to do and provide you great protection. You should also make a habit to use very secure and strong passwords it means to have a combination of words, upper cases, special characters and other symbols in your password.


Don't Email Personal Information: Don't ever send your confidential and personal information in an email, is you need to share the information and documents you can use secure file sharing methods and send your documents. And for other information, you can provide them via calls or can be given verbally.


Verbal Communication: If you need to wire the money then you can call the concerned person to have the information related to the wire. If possible beware of strangers and don't transfer your money to strangers. If you were wiring money to college-going students, be sure to check with them verbally or on call no matter how urgently they need.


Restrain Yourself To Open Email or Attachments From Unknown Sources: It is advisable to not to open the email from unknown sources and click on any link and also don't download any attachments from these unknown sources as it is very possibility of that the malware can be get installed in your system. It is a method called phishing in this method the tricksters or scammers will send you the look-alike email from any financial institutions. If you bank or financial institutions use to send you such emails then login to your account directly from the website.


The steps provided in this article to secure your account from tricksters and scammers will surely help you to fall prey to their trap. Keep changing your passwords and follow the guidelines it will take just a few minutes of you but will be very beneficial in securing your account.

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