What is an 'Offering Price'?

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The offering price is the price that is allocated to different kinds of securities that are available for purchase by different individuals of the society. The offering price of any security includes two types of fees, i.e., underwriting fees and the management fees that apply to the issue.

Underwriters are given the task of determining the price for every security, but there are a few factors that they consider to come up with the best possible price. The investment bank assesses the actual value of the securities that are up for sale, and hence they sell securities to investors according to a fair price.


Nine ways or factors should be considered when an amount needs to be determined.

Here is a list of some of those elements:

The first factor that is considered is the cost of a business or security, which means that the idea of achieving break-even is just not enough. The real value is determined by adding all the hidden costs and other expenses like insurance, taxes, etc. so that people can get an idea what the actual cost is for their business or security.

Secondly, the margin of profit should also be considered. People should keep a margin between their break-even point, and the point above the break-even as that is where their advantage will fall.

Moreover, the cost of securities and the price offered can also be determined by the market demand. If the request for that protection is high then the amount should be kept according to it, i.e., it can be made more expensive. However, in case the demand is low then the price of the security should also be kept quiet.

Analyze the standards and trends of the market in that way the underwriters can get a clear picture that what kind of securities are being sold at what price.

If the underwriters are aware of the market demand the price that is being offered, then it will become easier for them to fit into the market quickly.

When it comes to determining the price of your security or business, another factor that counts is an experience. The more experience the company has, the more money would be invested in that group.

The experience of the company is not only dependent on the idea that how successful the business has been over the years, but it is also reliant on the idea that how experienced the staff and the management of that company is.

Apart from this, when the price is being offered, it should be determined that the underwriters are well aware of their clients. Rates are different for every client, for instance, the customers that are willing to take a risk on an investment might be given a different price structure as compared to the customers who are regular. Hence several factors can cause variation in the price structure.


What is the formula that is used to derive the Offering Price?

Offering Price is not just a price that is allocated by demand alone, but in fact, it is a price that is determined by the use of a formula. The Net Asset Value (NAV) is subtracted from the liabilities.

Hence the offering price is the price of the shares equal the Net Asset Value and the sales charge per share.

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