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Making easy and quick money can always be attractive to university students as they can utilize their spare time to earn extra bucks. In this article, you will find many unique ways to make money online easily and quickly. This article is divided into two parts. This is the first part. End of this post you will get the link to the 2nd part.

1.Betting Risk-Free

It's one of the quickest ways to make money online, of course, you should not break any law. Lots of student and job seekers have made hundreds of dollars trying their hands in it. Anyone can try playing online betting it is already risk-free, legal and tax-free in most parts of the world.

You can start doing it by playing risk-free betting which is offered by many websites out there, and these are free bets too. This free betting includes 'matching bets,' matching bets are almost risk-free as they provide you to bet both 'for' and 'against' certain possible outcomes.

So, these make you take many possible profits and leaves you to take advantage of free bets which can be up to hundreds of dollars and multiply with some websites out there, and obviously, you can pull out the profit of many dollars.

Once you start to make your first few dollars, this will certainly motivate you to try to making money per hour.

Betfair is a betting platform where you can ‘place' bets to cancel out your risk at the bookmakers.


2.Surveying Online  

It's the fascinating way of making money which any university student can try out, just fill a few forms by visiting online surveys and you will start making money in your spare time. You don't need to invest anything in these studies only many companies and R&D department need new people to take the survey of their new product and services they are offering. In this way, these groups efficiently gather accurate and neutral data and against what they pay few bucks to the people for taking these online surveys.

For just a few minutes of taking those surveys or filling the forms, you can make up to 5 dollars, which will be paid to you in the form of cash or gift coupons. These are lists of few websites where you can visit and try out your first online surveys -  Toluna, Vivatic, SurveyBods, MySurvey, Crowdology, YouGov, Valued Opinions, Global Test Market, PopulusLive, Pinecone. Also - The Opinion Panel, IPSOS, OnePoll, PanelBase, Hiving, Opinion Outpost, MintVine, Mind Mover, Harris Poll, New Vista, iPoll etc.  

There is one more website which you can visit - Swagbucks; it will reward you for just browsing the website, playing games and watching videos, easy umm..? So, just try out and start making few bucks.



3.Get Paid For Searching The Web

If you are already spending lots of hours searching or browsing online, then this is the easiest way of making money without changing the nature of your daily routine or behavior. In this innovative idea, you get rewarded or paid by, for just searching the things in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You just need to install easy add-ons in your web browser, and when you start your search, you will also get few sponsored search results with your standard search results.

The additional result which you get through is having additional rewards attached to it and if you are interested in those rewards, simply click the results and collect your rewards, simple enough? So what you are waiting for just starting and collect your first reward.

The best feature about is that you don't need to wait for minimum payout, you can withdraw as much amount as you want and you can also make charity if you want as there is an option for donating it to charity.

Don't wait, just sign up it is free and starts making money from your online searches. If you want to read more about Qmee, then please check why-Qmee


4.Market Trading - Online    

This is the market which was very tough for new people to invest in stocks, currencies and other commodities, but nowadays it is possible for anyone to start his/her own online trading business, you don't need to be big fat cat anybody can do it quickly and efficiently.

After so many hours of research and spending many hours online, I can introduce you to these two online trading opportunity - Plus500 and

Both of the platforms allow you to start trading online and you are also being offered to do free trading so that you can have your practice, in fact, Plus500 offers you with starting few bucks so that you can start your online trading without any investment (Terms & Conditions Apply). is having millions of online users and extensive platforms; you will be amazed to know that it was also featured in BBC 2 documentary called - 'Traders Millions by The Minute' and also in 'Financial Times.' is having one more excellent feature called CopyTrader using this feature you can analyze, see and copy the investments of top performing traders. You can also make your studies and research for doing online trading and also if you are new to online trading you can equip yourself with many online trading learning programs. It may have possible you have not started online trading but getting educated about online trading will make you aware of various corporate deals, investments, and industries.

You should also keep in mind that CFD trading can be very volatile and you can lose all your trading capital, so it always advisable doesn't invest all your savings and earnings in it. Please read the investments papers carefully and make sure that you understand the risks involved.


5. Be Entrepreneur - Start Your website

If you want to have an income passively, you can start your website it allows you to earn not only when you are awake but also make money when you are sleeping too. 

You can start your website with some investments, but if you want to launch a website in a natural way and without any noticeable investment you can always try - BlueHost, it will take about 15 minutes to begin your website, and anybody can start it. 

Just what it takes is a few social media setups and little bit plugging, and soon you start to get your initial visitors. There are various methods you can start earning through your website and monetize it.  

If you go online, you will find plenty of such examples where people have easily started their websites and start earning handsome money. You can also get yourself educated on the ways to start your website.


6. Start Reviewing Websites And Apps For Earning

If you spend lots of your time online and very useful in internet browsing, then you can always opt for earning some cash besides browsing, just start browsing the website like a professional get paid and have fun.

One such medium is a very modern platform which allows you to review various types of websites and it will only take twenty minutes to complete one review, and you will start earning. The payments will be made via PayPal, and you can earn up to 10 USD for each survey.

Just sign up for the platform as mentioned earlier complete the test review, and soon you will start getting the list of websites in your inbox for reviews. Start it as soon as possible and have fun.


7.Revealing The Secret of 'Disney Vault'  

Many people must not be aware of the fact that Disney Vault has stored many of its hit classic on their shelves.

In this way, they always kept high demand for these movies in the market, and when the application rose high in next generation, they start releasing those movies in the market, in this way they have multiplied their profits many times.

You can start buying these classic movies online or from any other source, and you can sell it to the next generation to make the profit. This process will take some time but inevitably get you a reasonable profit. You can also invest in other stuff which you think will be valuable to the next generation or with time. It is a comprehensive way of earning money.

You should keep in mind the movies you buy off 'Disney Vault' all are not in demand right now online two movies - Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-Ray and The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray. If you are investing in any other stuff, you should keep in mind about the resale value shortly.


8. Get Paid From various Websites

This is very similar to online surveys where you get paid or get rewards for filling out few online survey forms, in the same way, GPT websites allow you to earn in cash or offer vouchers for completing specific activities offered by them.

The most popular of these websites currently is - Toluna, Swagbucks, and InboxPounds. So, try it complete the particular activities offered by these websites and start earning your first bucks.



9.Start Delivery Services - Be 'Delivery Rider'

If you have conveyance like a cycle, motorbike or maybe the car that's what you need to start your delivery services and yes don't forget you should have Smartphone too. You can start earning extra money by delivering food, services, people or any other things in your spare time. Easy..? in this way you get to meet many people can broad out your social platform and also earn extra money in your free time.

Worrying about where to start from, be Uber Driver just you need is to sign up as Uber Driver and start delivering the people to their destination. You can also opt for Uber Eats in which you can deliver food, and another eating stuffs it also allows you to work flexibly you can make up to 15 USD in one hour by delivering food from various restaurants to the people's place.

You can also improve your incomes by having direct contact with local takeaways or working with big brands, search for whether they need any delivery services and if yes, start making money in the new and unique way.


10.Interested In writing - Publish Kindle Book

many university students they are a good writer and have excellent research, they can easily make money by writing and publishing their e-book with 'Amazon Kindle Store' in this way they won't only peruse their skills but also have extra income coming on their way.

One more benefit of writing books for the Kindle app is that it is available on almost every device nowadays, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, iPads and of course Kindles. So, you have already the got the enormous global market in front of you and can have handsome revenue. You can have a price tag of your e-book on Amazon platform and can have up to 70% of sharing in every sale.

The key benefit of writing e-books is that you can also opt for various topics like fiction, facts, e-learning, etc. and enhance your writing skills. Design your books creatively have a good cover design to attract the potential buyers, and as soon as you start getting reviews for your e-books, your sale will go higher. One more good thing about this writing passion and the idea is that you have to invest the only initial time for yourself in writing the e-book then you will start earning passively.

So, if you think you are good at writing to pull up your socks, start it and have creative revenue in your account.   


11.Try Out Affiliate Marketing

If you have got excellent social media skills and have a substantial social media network, you can try out with Affiliate Marketing. If you have got your blog page or website that also enables you to start Affiliate Marketing which one of the best ways to have online income, it is also a part of online marketing and advertising.

You have to promote and advertise various products, services, and companies, etc., and in return, you can have good revenue in your pocket. You can study and search multiple platforms which allow you to do affiliate marketing, 'Amin Network' is one such platform which allows you to work as an affiliate marketer you need to sign up into their account. Search the merchant listing or other offers they are providing which you think you can promote or publicize, next step is to get your affiliate link and share on various platforms owned by you. Usually, you should make conversion within 90 days and this way you can earn great revenue.  

Best Affiliate marketing websites are Click Bank, Impact Radius, CJ, Awin

In case you have decided to start the affiliate marketing, you can read step by step guide provided on many online platforms, do your research and start affiliate marketing for extra income.


12.Recycling Mobile Phones

You can always have some income if you recycle or sell our mobile phones which are of no use to you currently. You can also ask your near family and parents if they have any mobile phone around. You can get good money if you start recycling the mobile phones, there are many organizations and companies available through which you can recycle your mobile phones.  

This way you not only help to improve environmental condition at your level but also get some good cash in your hands. Keep in mind that the amount you are going to receive depends upon the condition of your mobile phones. 'Mobile Cash Mate' is one such company through which you can recycle your mobile phones, and many successful recyclers also recommend it. Mobile cash mate offers you the fair and high price for your mobile phones as compared to other such companies available in the market.


13.Try To Be 'Clickworker'

You can try for extra income, this is the concept based on internet crowdsourcing, in which various business advertise specifically, and another scalable task that needs to be completed quickly. And for any university student, it provides them an easy way to earn revenue from their home.

These concepts allow you to complete a variety of task, but most general is data entry, some research on the internet or filling out forms. You will be paid or rewarded in the form of cash, but you should have a PayPal account to receive the paid amount for the task you will complete for them. You can also choose your schedule about working and can also decide what you are going to work. Just sleeves up and try it, this service is right now available for US residents.


14.Claim Your Tax Back

It is the popular thing that many university students use to work part-time or during their summer holidays, and some of them are on placements or paid internships. Most of the time it is possible that as a student you have paid your tax more than what is required.

You must be thinking how it is possible; the reason is many students reach the tax-free income slab each year, but they're employed made them a pay higher tax than required. You can always claim your overpaid tax back; You should get the tax slab and should learn more as per your region and country. You should also check and study how to calculate your due tax and in which slab tax slab you are coming into.


15.Cashback Option If You Are Shopaholic

If you are a shopaholic, you can't only make some bucks, but also you can save a right amount of money as a university student. In other, we can describe it as you are generating money with every purchase and it will soon sum up to the excellent amount if you are getting 1% to 15% with every purchase.

There are many websites available which offer you cash a good percentage of cash back on every purchase, other they could have earned themselves that amount. You can always check out sites like - Top CashbackEbates, Quidco, and Swagbucks, these websites are free to use, and you will get many offers related to various products present in these sites.


16.Best Option Always - Hand On To Part-Time Job

This is the best option which every university student can look up to, as it is the best way to have extra revenue and income besides your education degree and it will surely be going to help your education budget effectively. Doing part job not online give you working exposure but at the same time also improves your skill and experience in a particular field where you have opted for doing the job part-time. It also helps you to grow your social network and connections.

One important thing is part-time jobs may differ from country to country, and usually, it is not easy to find these jobs; you can always go through local websites or go through local news feed to know about the availability of the part-time jobs. You can also opt to check "Student Job Search" or "Student Job Website" to know about any vacancy available in your region. Using university career services also one of the options you may utilize.

You can also be joining many online services to get the information about the part-time job at the specific time like - 'Graduate Recruitment Bureau' this is free service which is useful for the graduates also for various job opportunities. You can employ many other methods to search the job like utilizing your local contact to get the lead about your part-time job vacancy.


17. Selling Small Services or Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr is one the largest platform in the global market where you can provide small services called 'gigs' and get paid for providing the services. You can give any of your service or skill in which you feel comfortable there can be a variety of services which you can offer like writing, translating, teaching, creating music, editing videos, making graphics, etc., the range is extensive. You can submit these services to people all around the globe.

The primary or default pricing for your services is 5$, but you can also raise your amount as per the service you are providing. You may be thinking it is a minimal amount, but you would be surprised to know that many people are engaged full time with Fiverr and earning good money every month.


18. UpWork - Become a Freelancer

If you still want to raise your income, you can do it by selling your gigs to other platforms, like you can have one graphic designer and apply for the jobs in Upwork. 

In this way, you can have the proper amount as you are paying 5$ for your designer but getting much more from Upwork client. 

If you don't want to follow these tip you can do the job yourself in higher paying services or websites.    


19. Review Music And Get Paid

If you like music and have a passion for it, then you can quickly earn money by revising the unsigned bands and artists online with the site - Slicethepie.

It will take some time for you to build your reputation as a music reviewer but you will quickly earn up to 50$ per month very quickly. It may not be sounding much amount, but it will surely help up to fill your resumes with many new things but you are doing it as you enjoy your work and it is not very hard work. 

You will be earning US Dollars, and anyone globally can sign up and start reviewing and learning. You need a PayPal account to get paid, and for much fresher, you can try out  'Slicethepie,' you can always equip yourself with how it works and get introduced with its features.


20. Sell Your Valuable Notes To New Students

You already a university student, but still you can send your notes to new students or even your mates for some cash. There are many websites out there where you can upload your records, you need to provide the price of your notes, and when any student download the notes which you have provided, you will get paid for this.

There are many websites like Stuvia and Notesale where you can upload your notes for specific rates, but you need to give these websites some commission. As these websites will take care of your marketing and handling other stuff, so you don't need to spend your time to market yourself, and you can utilize that extra time in making further notes.

you can upload your notes in any form, like handwritten, typed or in the form of pdf, but it always advisable to have professional letters as it will attract more buyers and it will look professional too.


21. Got Dumped With Extra Books - Sell Them At Second Hand Rate

If you have got many books which are of no use to you, you can always sell them to fresh students at the start of their session. You can also expand your reach, and you can buy second-hand books from other students at reasonable rates and again target new or fresh students to sell these second-hand books and in this way you can quickly make and generate extra revenue.

You can also advertise this to your university campus and also take online help with Amazon, but keep in mind online services will make some commission for providing you the platform. You can also study online many tips and techniques online to sell second-hand books.

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