Excuses Given By People For Not Contributing For Retirement

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It is always advisable that you start saving for your retirement as soon as you can. But it is seen that many people in their twenties find it very difficult to contribute some amount for their retirement as maybe it is not their priority. Let's see few excuses given by people for not contributing for retirement.

For having retirement income, you don't have to rely on only your - Social Security to fund your retirement income.


Below are few excuses which people use to make for not contributing to their retirement income.


Workplace Is Not Providing Any Retirement Plan

If you are working in a small company or as an independent contractor, then always the possibility is that you won't be offered any retirement plan.

And this situation can discourage you sometimes as you won't be able to contribute to the retirement and soon you will stop finding the other sources. Most of the employers also offer the match to your contribution, and you have to wait for a year to start contributing as per your employer.


What You Should Do

But you should not be dependent on your employer for your retirement income; you can always opt to have an account in IRA from brokerage firms and in this way you can control more as per your retirement contributions are considered.

You can also be offered to waive off the initial contributions if you start to have monthly contributions in them. It will help you to start saving, and in case you are self-employed, there are many accounts which you can opt for and enjoy the benefits.


If You Are On Temporary Job

It may happen that you are working on a temporary basis until you find the better job change. And this will make you drop the idea of contributing to your retirement income as you will be subjected to vested account before you leave the job.

But you should keep in mind that any contribution which you are making will always go with you and owned by you.


What You Should Do

In this case, you can start saving in your 401(k) plan or also you can opt for the IRA. When you leave the job, you can roll over the money from your 401(k) account to IRA so that you can have more control over your retirement income.


You Are Into Too Much Of Debt

When you are in debt, it does not make any sense to invest the money for retirement when already the debts costs are more than the interest you are earning. But you should consider that saving for the retirement can be exceptional.

You should think that if it takes a few more years for you to get out of debt but at the same time you are losing these years without not saved anything.


What You Should Do

In this case, if your employer is offering you the match contribution. Then you should always match up the contributions.

It's in fact free money for your retirement, and you should take advantage of it, or then look properly how much more years it will take you to get out of debt and how much you will start contributing when you get debt free.


You Want To Save Later For Your Retirement As You Think You Are Having Much time For This

These are one of the most common reasons, and you think when you are in your twenties it is about forty more years are remaining for your retirement.

You may also be feeling that you are having forever until you get into your retirement, but it is always advisable to start saving when you are young as it will help you to put your little income away in future.


What You Should Do

You should start contributing to your retirement income right away, and with time start increasing your contributions as you get raised.

It may also be possible that you want to get retirement early then you should have your plan ready for your retirement income, and when you opt to retire before you attain the age of 59, then you should also have some other retirement accounts in addition to 401(k) plan and IRA.

And with due course of the time, you will reach the point where you will earn the interest more than your contributions, and that will be the time you watch money growing.


You Opt To Start Contributing When You Pay Off The Student Loan

It is seen that many people are getting graduated with lots of debt as a student loan, and this must be annoying for them as they are paying off the student loan from the salary which they are getting.

It will also lead not to make any contribution to the retirement income which is again a severe issue for them


What You Should Do

If you think that you are facing the same situation, then the first thing which you can do is to match up the contribution as per your employer in your account.

This will benefit you with the free money in your retirement, and you should also try to contribute the monthly percentages so that your future will not be affected by the student loan debt.

If you want you can also see if you can opt for the 'income-based repayment options' so that it will make your debt manageable.


You Think That You Are Still In College And It's Too Early To Save The Money

when you are in college, it will be very confusing for you to decide whether you should contribute to your retirement income or not.

It is difficult too as in college you are not earning that much or not even making anything so that you can save anything for retirement.

It may also be possible that you are borrowing the money to fulfill the college expenses.

When you are in school, your focus should not be on saving the money for the retirement income.

But if you have borrowed any money for the college expenses, then you should work to minimize your borrowing amount.

In case you are the graduate student and also having the right or full-time job then you can start saving the money for retirement income.

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