8 High Return, Low Risk Investments for Retirement

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Everyone has to take retirement decisions or have to plan for retirements someday, and it is better if you have made some investments in your working days so that you can have good post-retirement life and have not to worry about life after retirement.

In this article, we will discuss the best retirement investments which you can make so that you have the hassle-free post-retirement life.


Make Total Return Portfolio  

It is the most common way to create some retirement income is to make a portfolio of stocks and bonds index funds, and if you can't do it on your own, you can take advice from the financial consultant. 

The primary goal to design a portfolio is that you can have handsome income throughout your life, and in the process, you will follow the seat and advisable rules for early withdrawal which can be four to seven percent per year and if there is inflation you can increase your withdrawal limit.

The concept of "total return" is that you are targeting ten to twenty years of average annual return which can meet or exceeds your withdrawal rate. 

The fact is that you are opting for long-term average, but it may be possible that your returns can fluctuate from your average in any one year. To reach this type of goal you need to diversify your investments, it does not matter year to year fluctuation in the portfolio.

Through systematic withdrawal plans you can have your withdrawals and at the same time be careful when projecting your potential results as when regular departures will be coming in your retirement days then the how the market is performing will surely going to affect your returns at that time.

There are impact many variations you can have on your total investment return strategies like time segmentation and asset-liability comparison, in which you can use safe investments to fulfill near-term needs through cash flow and at the same time the investments which are growth-oriented can be used to fund future cash flow needs.

Usually, the investors who have got experience in his field use total return approach in a better way, and those who are good at managing their money and have got a good history of making logical and disciplined decisions, the people who have hired the financial advisor who is having qualities mentioned above.

The total return portfolio, when done correctly, can prove to be one of the best retirement investment which you can make.


Utilizing Retirement Income Funds

These retirement income funds are a special type of mutual funds, which automatically diversify your money to allocate many kinds of stock portfolios and bonds. 

It can be done by owning a selection of other mutual funds, and these investments are usually managed by keeping in mind that you can have monthly income and distributed to you. 

These specialized funds are designed in such a way that it will provide you all in one package and achieve a desired goal or objective.

Some of these funds are opted to have higher monthly income and can be used by some principal to meet the payout targets associated with it, and some other resources can have lower monthly income amount and are designed with keeping in mind to have a preserving principal.

The retirement income fund enables you to have all your control on your principal and also allows you to withdraw or access your money at any point in time. 

It is pronounced that if you withdraw some of your principal amounts your monthly income will be lowered and you will have the low monthly amount.


Use of Immediate Annuities

Well usually these annuities are not investments but are insurance, but when planning for retirement income, you can include them on your list of retirement investment as their primary purpose is to generate revenue and that should be the primary goal of your retirement- to have a retirement income.

In case you have an immediate annuity, you will also feel that you are ensuring something better for your income in future. As, the insurance company will provide you with lifetime steady income in exchange for an immediate significant amount of cash they are having, or for a few years which you have opted while filling the form.

You can be assured of the future income guarantee from these insurance companies and can evaluate the same as per the profile of these groups.

Annuities are mainly of two types the fixed immediate annuities and at the same time variable immediate annuities. Some of these pensions offer income which will increase with the inflation, which means that you will start receiving the lower monthly income.

There is one more option that is offered through the annuity is that you can choose the period or term of your annuity. 

Like 15 years of payout or monthly income or you can also opt for life term annuity which is very appropriate when you want your spouse to have a lifelong income after your death, or there is also an option of single life payout.

Many people are there who don't have any other source of guaranteed income, in that case, immediate annuities can be advisable for them and perfect solution for their guaranteed income after retirement.

There are some of the individuals out there who can't stop themselves from over expenses they can also opt for immediate annuities as they have the habit of spending a significant amount of money. Also, don't have anything left for them when needed, some single people who are having a long life expectancy can also opt for immediate immunities.


Start Buying Bonds

The bond-buying typically means you have given the amount of your money to the government, a corporation or a municipality in the form of the loan. So, the borrower agrees to pay you interest for the agreed period and when the bond gets matured or the period for which you have to buy the bond at that time your principal amount is returned to you.

The income which you get from the bond can be your guaranteed and steady source of income during your retirement period.

Every band is having its quality rating or let's say bonds are rated quality wise which helps you to understand the financial stability and strength of the issuer of the bond, and usually, there is three type of bonds - short-term bonds, mid-term bonds, and long-term bonds. As well as there are bonds with adjustable interest rates and these bonds are called floating rates bonds, one more bond types are there called high yield bonds in which pays higher coupon rates but have the low financial strength or quality ratings.

You can buy bonds in the form of packages which comes as bond mutual fund or bond exchange-traded fund and also you the option to buy individual bonds.

In your retirement period, you can use your bonds to form bond ladder in which maturity dates collaborate with maturity dates which are set to match your future cash flow and other financial needs. This type of investment structure is most of the times referred to as asset-liability matching or time-segmentation's.

It is pronounced that the principal value of the bonds will fluctuate as per the change in the interest rates. As this is period or rising interest rates it is undeniable that the existing bonds value may go down or get lowered.

But if you have planned to hold the bonds until its maturity date, then principal fluctuations will not matter, but if you are having the bond mutual funds and have decided or need to sell those mutual funds due to some financial crunch or for living expenses, then principal fluctuation win surely matter.

So, it is always advisable to buy bonds to have some retirement income and the guaranteed income or principal they will produce during its maturity. But if you are thinking to have high returns or expecting to make or want to gain a capital expectation then bonds are not for you, relationships are not for making money, but it is just an investment method for your retirement income.


Rent Out Your Property & Real Estate

If you have got any property for rental, then it is an excellent idea to rent out your property and has fixed and steady income which will undoubtedly help you out in your retirement.

It was evident that there will be maintenance required and when you own real estate means that there will incur many unexpected expenses which are very tough to anticipate.

While doing so, you should always keep in mind or while buying any rental property you should always calculate all the potential expenses that you would like to have in given time frame and other costs which are there while purchasing any property.

You should keep in mind that your property will not be on rent all the time so you must be having a clear understanding of vacancy rate of the property so that you will have clear enough plans for your steady income.

But when you decided to invest in a property, it can turn out to be an outstanding business and give you a very steady income in return, but it is not the money-making prospects. The people who want to get into the rental real estate and what to devote some time to it will undoubtedly have excellent investment, and it will be a great help to them in their post-retirement life.

It may be possible that you want to get into the real estate rental business and don't have much knowledge. Also, don't know from where to start then should do some personal research on it or read the books related to real estate rental business, they can also opt to take guidance from the experienced people in this field and can also join the real estate investment club.

Because when you want to put so much money and time in this business you should understand all the basic of this business and you don't want to be at a loss while investing your huge sum of money in the real estate business.

So, it is always advisable to restrain yourself from investing in real estate without doing proper homework, many people have a habit to get into real estate just following their neighbor or friend, and without giving much thought, they just start investing into it and ultimately fails to achieve desired goals.

Getting into any business because the person you know or your neighbor are doing it is not the brilliant way to act, they may be having sufficient knowledge for this company, and unless you are not confident about the basics of this business, you should not jump into it blindly.  


Always Try To Build & Keep Some Safe Investments

It is always advisable to keep some part of your retirement investments as safe alternatives for you, in fact, many of you would like to do that. This practice is always good because you are managing with the things which are in your hands and that is easier than to focus on this thing which is not in your hands like generating more income or keep searching for the other income sources.

It is always recommended that all the people out there who are having plans for their retirements or on the verge of retirement should always have some reserve income or account which can be your emergency income.

You should not include this account as your asset which will produce the income after your retirement. It should be treated as a safeguard for yourself from any emergency expenses or any other financial need which is required in your post-retirement days.

It may be possible that you are not very sure what to do with this money or account just think that it is your safe money or investment till the duration when you are completely sure what to do with this money.

Many people aren't able to stop themselves to invest this money into various channels as they think putting money in the bank is not a good deal. But, on the contrarily they end up with nothing in their hands, so don't make fast and harsh decisions for yourselves think correctly and be clear if you want to invest that money in some other ventures.

It is true that it will take the time to make thoughtful and well-informed investment decisions. 

At the time when you are like to educate yourself how to invest that money, or you want to hire yourself a financial advisor, you should keep that money in very safe custody, and stop yourself from any reputable advisor or friend to force you to invest that money into any other thing. 

Always keep in mind if someone is forcing you too much for the investment then a lot of chances are there that you are not dealing with the right person.


Have Variable Annuity Having Option For Lifetime Income  

You should understand here is that variable annuity is very different from an immediate annuity. A variable annuity allows selecting different investments portfolios that mean it allows you to chose different portfolios where you want to invest your money.

You are actively participating in the whatever gains and losses you are incurred with these investments, but if you want to play it safe you have to pay some additional fees, and you will be guaranteed with safe investments and these added guarantees are called riders. You can understand it in the way as you are having the umbrella when you don't need it at all, but at worst scenarios, you can make use of it.

Riders will provide you income with many ways and can be called as - guaranteed withdrawal benefits, living benefit riders, lifetime minimum income riders, etc. And all these are having different concept and formulas which determine what kind of guarantee is being provided.

It takes the time to understand variable annuity takes the time to understand because of its complexities, and it is seen that many people who use to offer them aren't able to understand what the product will do and what it won't do.

Riders charge you some fees which will be about three to four percent annually which means that too for your investment it should come back to you with your fees and then some extra income.

You should understand that annuity is an insurance product, and it is necessary that you should have done thoughtful planning to ensure yourself that you have done the right investment. If you think you are going to do it correctly then you should figure out what account you should purchase which is offered in annuity-like - IRA or non-retirement money. You should also figure out what will be the taxation on the income and what will be the further process of the annuity after your death.


Opt For The Income Produced By Close End Funds     

It's a known fact that majority of "closed-end funds" structured to give monthly income benefit. The income produced from "closed-end funds" comes from various channels like - interests, dividends, calls covered and in a few cases from a return of the principal.

Every fund is there to carry different objective as some of them own bonds, some own stocks, and covered calls to generate income and many other uses strategy called dividend capture strategy. And it is always advisable you should have done your proper research before buying.

Some of these closed-end funds borrow against the securities in the fund so that they can buy more income-producing securities and it results in producing the higher benefits. You can expect all the closed fund principal value to be volatile.

Many people who are knowledgeable and experienced in closed-end funds find it very suitable investment options, and people with not much experience use to avoid them and use to consult portfolio manager who is experienced in closed-end funds.


Try Real Estate Investment Trusts  

Opt For Dividends Income Funds     

when planning for a retirement fund, you have got an option to choose dividend income funds rather than buying individual stocks that pay dividends, and which will able to own and manage dividends paying stocks for you.

Dividends are a very good option for your retirement income as it will provide you the steady income and also it will rise in every year as dividend companies will increase their dividends payouts, but you should also keep in mind in crunch time dividends can also be reduced or can also be stopped.   

"Qualified Dividends" dividends are produced with many publicly traded companies which give you an insight that dividends are taxed but at very lower rates when you compare it with ordinary income or the income which is coming from the interests.

So this reason is good enough to motivate you to hold the funds or stocks which produce qualified dividends in the range of non-retirement accounts. Which means that it will not come under any of the following - IRA, Roth IRA and 401(k), etc.

It is always advisable for you to be cautious of a stock paying dividends or the funds which seem to yields very higher average rate than what is considered to be the normal rate. As an investor or trying to accumulate income for your post-retirement life you should always bear in mind that the find which seems to yield higher income rates also have additional risks which at many times are very difficult to understand.

If you are getting or having someone who is ready to pay the higher yields. It means that they are doing so that to compensate for the risks which are involved with it. It is always advisable to take those risks when you understand it accurately otherwise no need to make such risks.

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